A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Precision-based free platformer. With a simple, yet hard to master movement mechanic.  Engage in increasingly challenging levels, as you try to beat your highscore, and compete on the online leaderboard.

The player is comletly controlled by your mouse.

Can be finished in around a hour by someone who has played it several times before, could take anything from 1-4 hours depending on skill level.

Skins unlocked by highscore, as well as one skin unlockable simply by signing up for my newsletter.


Install instructions

Extract folder contained in the zip file somewhere on your hard drive / ssd drive. When extracted, double click the folder, now on your hard drive/ssd drive. Inside the folder you will see an Stargazer.exe file / Stargazer.x86 file (on linux).  Double Click the file to run the game.  


Alternatively using the itch app you can search for Ruby Interactive Studios, press my username, my game, and simply press install. Then the itch app, will install it for your platform, and you just have to press play. This way, you will also automaticly receive future updates.


Stargazer_Win1.zip 15 MB
Stargazer_Linux1.zip 21 MB
Stargazer_Mac1.app.zip 20 MB

Development log


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The download package is gone

(1 edit)

yes, I am aware, I this game hasn't been updated for cirka 4 weeks, as I decided to take the game in a different direction. Therefore I have completly re-done most of the game, changing the theme and feel of the game over the last 4 weeks, without updating this game-page as I decided I wanted the game to be completly done by the time I updated the page. The game is now 99% done, only missing 4 songs, to be made and implemented. Therefore, I took the time to update the game page, however I am waiting with uploading the content until the songs are done. Perhaps I should set the game to private temporarly. I just figured no one would find the page anyhows. Glad to see I was wrong though.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience, please stay tuned though! I would love for you to play it when it is done :)

It is now downloadable, please feel free to download and play :)

awesome thanks!