PreAlpha V1 DevLog 1

Devlog 1. 29.03.18


  1. Set up project
  2. Set up scenes
  3. Added basic level manager
  4. Added basic escape menu
  5. Added basic music manager
  6. Added basic player sprite
  7. Added core mechanic to player (movement)
  8. added particle effect shooting water (core mechanic effect)
  9. Made trunk of elephant face up/down depending on direction of water shot
  10. Made elephant face the way it shot
  11. Made basic stone sprites
  12. Made basic stone edge sprites
  13. Made basic spikes sprites
  14. Added 2 bools to trigger between  4 versions of the main mechanic
  15. Added ingame menu to trigger between bools as well as movement speed
  16. Added a seperate air speed, increasing speed only when going upwards on the y axis.
  17. Added air speed to the ingame menu.
  18. Made background
  19. Fleshed out a prototype level 1
  20. Made a puddle sprite
  21. Made puddle as goal, that takes player to next level
  22. Added floating effect to puddle, with 2 sec delay for next level load.
  23. Made spawn point for player, increasing performance by moving player to spawn point, instead of reloading scene when dying.
  24. Added functionality to starting menu, allowing you to navigate, aswell as exit the game.



Elephant water mechanic test 14 MB
Mar 29, 2018

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