ElePhant Alpha V1 Devlog 4

Elephant | prealpha V1|  Devlog 4 | 01.04.18 | Ruben Samuelsen |


  1. Added a save and load system, saving and loading both the level you have gotten to, aswell as your current position
  2. Added a back button from the credits screen (which is still empty)
  3. Added options to the option page (sfx volume, and music volume) both will save options between sessions.
  4. added save and go back button to option page.
  5. added default settings button to options page
  6. Found temporary sfx and music (even music is just a sfx on loop)
  7. made all my buttons have a sfx for hovering over them (volume changable in options) and a click sfx.
  8. Added music to all levels (all the same temporary sfx on loop)
  9. Added water shooting, colliding with walls, and dying sfx in script to player, later to have the sound effects dropped into inspector ready to function.
  10. Set up the ground work for a dialoguesystem to be used later in the game.



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Apr 01, 2018

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