PreAlpha V1 DevLog 5

Prealpha V1 Devlog 5 | Ruben Samuelsen | 02.04.18 | ElePhant


  • Finished dialogue system that I layed the ground work for last time
  • found and attached sfx for player shooting water
  • found and attached sfx for player dying
  • found and attached sfx for player colliding
  • replaced temporary sfx for click and hover on ui buttons with new click and hover sounds
  • Made all buttons same default, hover and click color.
  • Found game font, made all text and button text that font, and resized all buttons and texts to match the rest in the canvas per level.
  • Changed background color on all levels
  • Reorganised my canvases
  • Made game pause when you open menu
  • made game unpause on menu close or save load
  • Made an overlay, when menu open, darkening the screen.
  • Filled out the credits page with credits.
  • Changed slider color to fit with button and text colors
  • changed slider handle to make it smaller and more visually appealing.

Notes for next Session :

  • Gonna start working on making the game music.
  • Then gonna design level 2.
  • Design end screen, make level 2 temporary last stage.
  • Playtest.
  • Ask for suggestions for new mechanics to mix up the next coming levels.
  • Add tiny line of text Level 1 in middle of screen for a brief moment. Press Left Mouse Button To Move
  • Add tiny text in left upper corner, press escape to open menu


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Apr 02, 2018

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