If there is one thing you want your game to be honest and upfront about, it is its design rules. However, this game will LIE about it's design rules. Establishing them, just to change them. Good luck finishing this very confusing game. Let me know if you found all of the subtler ways it changes it's rules.

Forgot to make music loop, but submitted it one minute before deadline. So oh well.

Also, you might get stuck in walls alot. Wanted to implement a fix, but time is short :)

Good luck with that, try and be patient with it :D

Making this game, was an interesting roller coaster, alongside school work during the week.

If you read this after wednesday, you can probably check out a video about the experience of joining Community Game Jam while studying in the week. On my youtube channel below.


Thank you so much for playing my game, even if you wanted to burn it with fire as much as I did at the end :D

My team:


Sleep Deprevation


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