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Floral Town, the adorable Life Sim with a focus on interesting characters and relationships!

In Floral Town you start your journey in your last year of school! Get to know your classmates, make dialogue choices that affect your relationship with them, and discover deep personalities with their own storylines. 

Time passes like in real life, but faster! Just like in beloved indie games such as Stardew Valley you play the game on a day by day basis, saving everytime you go to bed! After playing the first year of your characters life you choose your career.

When choosing a career you can chose to play as a Chef, Waiter or Gamedev! Every career has it's own unique gameplay that you play for 8 of your ingame hours every day! 

When you finish at work for the day, you get to go around Floral Town uncovering the deep story lines behind every character, going on dates, getting married, take up a hobby such as fishing and more!

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